Rasmus Mortensen is from Denmark, born in 1978, 195 cm, 95 kgs with blue/green eyes and brown hair.




Acting in Matadorerne (Danish TV series)
Acting in Danske Mord (Danish TV series)
Commercial for Ztove
Photoshoot for Danish magazine about startup businesses
Voice acting for Gungrave GORE as Turonty (Playstation game)
Commercial for LG washing machines
Hand model commercial for Samsung X-cover
Commercial for Gobiz Korea
Acting in 승부 (The Match) with 이병헌
Acting in 드림 (Dream)
Commercial for 정관장 (Korean Red Ginseng)
Commercial for 순하리 (Soonhari) Soju
Promotional video for Hyundai
Commercial for Mediheal

Internal video for Hyundai Motor Group
Kickstarter video for Magpie Laser Measuring device
이동욱은 토크가 하고 싶어서 on SBS with 장도연
Commercial for Ray Medical
Promotional video for Visit Seoul
Music video with N Tay (Korean rapper)
Photoshoot for Hand Made Café Franchise
Acting in 교섭 (Negotiations) with 황정민
Acting in 야차(Ya Cha)
Commercial for iPuri, air purifier

Homeshopping commercial for Magic Tape
Kickstarter commercial for Smart Pen
Acting in 카운트 (Count) Korean Movie
Acting in music video by 우원재 (Woo Won-jae)
Commercial for Not For You Bodywash
Commercial for Suprema Security
Promotional video for Nordic Culture Lab
Commercial for Loess cooking paper
Commercial for KOTRA Korea
Acting in 국가의탄생 (Birth Of A Nation)

Commercial for Koreagift.com with with 김준호
Electrolux vacuum cleaner commercial
국경없는포차 episode 9 with 윤보미 (Yoon Bomi) and 이이경 (Lee Yi-kyung)
Commercial for 썬 연료 회사
Promotional video for Vatech Dental X-ray solutions
Commercial for Smart Stone Kickstarter Project
Music video for hiHz – Release
Acting in 황후의 품격 (The Last Empress) episode 26
Main actor in commercial for Honma Golf
Commercial for Haka e-cigarettes

Commercial for Dermotive hair loss shampoo
2nd Commercial for Vatech Dental X-ray solutions
TV commercial for Trivago
Main actor in commercial for Voixatch smartwatch
Commercial for Raydent Studio, Dental 3D printing
Commercial for Samsung SD cards
Guest in 생방송 오늘 아침 on MBC
Commercial for 더 메디닥터 (The Medi Doctor)
Music video for U-Know (정윤호 from TVXQ)
Acting in 블랙머니 (Black Money) with 이하늬

Hand model for LG Beer Machine commercial
Internal video for Samsung
녹두꽃 (Nokdu Flower) with 윤시윤 and 한예리
Voice acting for the movie 변신
ASMR video for Musinsa Korea
Acting in Collector, Korean movie
Stand-in actor for John Corbett in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 3 (Netflix US)
Commercial for Pick & Play
Commercial for Christian Hansen Danish Probiotics
Commercial for Hyundai

Commercial for Kia
Promotion video for Seoul National University Hospital
TV Commercial for Klook Travel app with 지진희
Commercial for DSME Daewoo Shipbuilding
Commercial for LG Kitchen Robot
Boston 1947 with 하정우
Mission Possible with 김영광 and 이선빈
Acting in 스윙키즈 (Swing kids)
Commercial  for heart rate monitor (Kick Video)
Commercial for easy home cooking (CJ food company)

Acting in 미스 함무라비 (Ms. Hammurabi) episode 3
Acting in 화유기 (A Korean Odyssey) with 이승기
Acting in 사바하 (Sabaha) movie with 이정재
Acting in red ginseng commercial
Main actor in Block Chain commercial (Samsung)
Main actor in Vacuum cleaner commercial (Hanwha)
Acting in 손 꼭 잡고, 지는 석양을 바라보자 (Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset) episode 22 & 23
Acting in 김비서가 왜그럴까 (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim) (TVN) episode 1
Commercial for Frosch laundry detergent
Acting in 미스터 션샤인 (Mr. Sunshine) with 이병헌 episode 2

Two commercials for RIDM Body Composition Analysis
Commercial for Mediplanner, playing tennis
Homeshopping commercial for Doobicool
Acting in 배가본드 (Vagabond) episode 1 with 이승기
Acting in어쩌다 배심원 (A jury by chance) with 박형식 and 문소리
Acting in commercial for Albam time management app
Commercial for CGV 4DX cinemas
Commercial for KCC (케이시시정공)
Commercial for Signal – noise cancelling headphones and earphones
Main actor in commercial for KT&G

Commercial for Seoulmate with 김준호 and 김숙
Main actor in Economics Surprise (MBC) (경제서프라이즈)
Commercial for CRP – video editing app
Main actor in Kickstarter video for iLidar Laser Sensors
Commercial for Hyundai
Acting in #jesuislà, French movie with Alain Chabat
Commercial for Doosan HSD Engine
Acting in 황후의 품격 (The Last Empress) episode 8
Music video with Sunwoo Jung-a (선우정아)
Acting in 범인은 바로 너 (Busted) 

Main actor in commercial for Coway water purifier (for US market)
Commercial for Kangnam Shipbuilding Corporation
Commercial for OMG! Oh My Gim Seaweed snacks
Commercial for Samsung In Traffic Reply App
Santa Claus in IFC Mall
Acting in 미스터 션샤인 (Mr. Sunshine) with 이병헌 episode 1

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